Our shop, Design Hero, offers a unique collection of products crafted with love and passion by our designer, Olivier "Hero" Dressen.

Our brand, "Hero," combines elements of Neo Pop Art, Comics Trip, Melancholic Cartoons, and Vibrant Photography with elements of pop culture, celebrities, and social commentary. Our goal is to entertain and provide designer products at affordable prices while encouraging our customers to engage with and reflect on the world around them.

We regularly update our collections with new artworks and products, so be sure to follow us to stay connected and aware of our latest updates. With over 25 years of experience as an illustrator and designer, Hero has earned international recognition and awards for his multidisciplinary approach to art. His work is heavily influenced by personal memories, love stories, societal issues and trends, and the concept of broken beauty.

At Design Hero, we strive to share our unique voice and create a colorful, detailed, and thought-provoking experience for our customers.

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