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AI RenderPro - the ultimate guide to generating perfect prompts for Mid Journey! $5.00 $49.90
Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos. Want to create stunning photorealistic images with ease? Look no further than AI RenderPro, our Chat GPT PLUS tutorial - the ultimate guide to generating perfect prompts for Mid Journey!Our tutorial is designed to help you make the most of the latest AI technology, using Chat GPT PLUS to generate prompts tailored to Mid Journey's image generation capabilities. While our tutorial can be used with standalone or free Chat GPT, we highly recommend using Chat GPT PLUS for optimal results.Even if you have yet to gain experience with AI or image generation, our step-by-step guide will walk you through the process, giving you the skills and confidence you need to create amazing images and, with a simple request, create automatically complex prompts.So why wait? With our Chat GPT PLUS tutorial, you can unlock the full potential of AI for photorealistic image generation. Try it out today and see the difference for yourself!Made with our AI RenderPro Tutorial: Landscapes: Use our tool to generate photorealistic landscapes, from lush forests to sweeping vistas. Portraits: Create stunning portraits with lifelike detail, capturing the essence of your subject. Product photography: Generate photorealistic images that showcase products in the best possible light. Architecture: Use our tool to create detailed and accurate renderings of buildings, interiors, and more. Wildlife: Generate photorealistic images of animals and wildlife, from majestic eagles to playful otters. Artistic creations: Use our tool to create abstract or surreal images that push the boundaries of visual art. Still life: Generate photorealistic images of objects and scenes, from fruit baskets to table settings. Fashion: Create photorealistic images of clothing and accessories, highlighting their texture, detail, and style. And many more! Unlock the power of AI and transform your image generation with AI RenderPro and our Chat GPT PLUS tutorial. Get started today and unleash your creativity like never before!
Ivy generator or Ivygrower plugin for C4D. $3.00
This is Ivy grower or Ivy generator, a plugin to install into C4D.Thanks for your understanding, but we ask for your contribution of 3$ to support the hosting of this plugin.Other than that, Ivygrower is free for you to use.Regarding the usage and installation:You can also find a tutorial here.For installation, save the folder and his content into the plugin folder in C4D.We didn't test the content into R17 and the most recent versions of Cinema 4D.IMPORTANT: We don't own or develop this plugin. We share the link to help the community to have the most accessible access to this content. We hope you enjoy the Ivy generator. The small fee we charge allows us to support the hosting of this file. Thanks for your understanding!
Cinestyle Preset for Lightroom by Hero. $3.50
The only preset available online for Cinestyle and Lightroom!Cinestyle is a preset for DSLR to help you achieving a flat color and exposure. Therefore it helps you to achieve a more cinematographic and better grading experience, especially for video.Here you can download for free the Cinestyle profile on Technicolor's website. When you import your raw files made with Cinestyle into Lightroom, your images will radically change because of the default profile setup in Lightroom, that's where we come with our preset!Just simply apply the preset on your pictures to recovery the look of your Cinestyle picture into your camera. Please note that our template has a color temperature of 4700, you need to change this parameter based on your color temperature used on your original shooting camera preset.Also, we did this template by ourselves, it's not directly related to technicolor, and maybe not 100% accurate, so you are probably just a few clicks away to the result you want to achieve.We hope this will help you to solve this issue.Enjoy your product!
Casino Vector Kit Design By Hero. $2.50
Introducing our original Casino Vector Kit, specially crafted for all your casino-related design needs. We understand the challenges of finding suitable assets, so we took matters into our own hands. This comprehensive kit includes a PDF, Illustrator file, PNG, JPG, and EPS file, providing various formats to work with. Whether designing for a casino event, creating promotional materials, or adding a touch of excitement to your projects, our Casino Vector Kit has got you covered. Get ready to elevate your designs with our high-quality assets.
Corsak Story ep2. LUT Pack by Hero. $3.00
Introducing Corsak Story ep2. LUT Pack by Hero. Elevate your videos with 13 stunning color LUTs designed to enhance your footage. Compatible with Resolve, Adobe CC, and FCPX (with LUT Utility). Perfect for RAW, LOG, FLAT gamma space, and FLAT picture profiles like SLOG and VLOG. Transform your visuals and bring your storytelling to life with this powerful LUT pack. 13 Color LUTs included Works with Resolve, Adobe CC, FCPX Ideal for RAW, LOG, FLAT gamma space Compatible with FLAT picture profiles (SLOG, VLOG, etc)
Eloise LUT Pack by Hero. $3.00
Transform your videos with the Eloise LUT Pack by Hero.LUT Pack by Hero. This pack includes 14 stunning Colour LUTs to bring your footage to life. Compatible with Resolve, Adobe CC, and FCPX (with LUT Utility installed), these LUTs are designed to work seamlessly with RAW, LOG, and FLAT gamma space. They also work with all FLAT picture profiles, including SLOG and VLOG. Elevate your video editing and achieve a cinematic look with this powerful LUT pack.\ This pack includes 14 Colour LUTs This pack works within Resolve / Adobe CC / FCPX (with LUT Utility installed). All the LUTS were designed to work with RAW / LOG / FLAT gamma space. It also works with all FLAT picture profiles (SLOG / VLOG / etc.).

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